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This research was carried out along the Turkish Aegean Sea coast (from Saros Bay in the north to Turunç-Marmaris in the south) in order to determine the Isopod fauna. A total of 163 samplings were conducted at 23 stations and 17 different biotopes, from which 3209 specimens were collected belonging to 18 families, 29 genera and 50 species. Among the species determined, 18 are new records for the Turkish fauna (Anthura gracilis, Apanthura corsica, Asellus aquaticus, Janiropsis breviremis, Uromunna petiti, Cirolana cranchii, Eurydice affinis, E. inermis, E. pulchra, Cymodoce hanseni, Dynamene bifida, Ischyromene lacazei, Lekanesphaera monodi, Sphaeroma pulchellum, Emetha audouinii, Rocinela dumerilii, Astacilla longicornis, and Halophiloscia couchi), and 20 are new for the Turkish Aegean Sea coast (by the addition of I. metallica and S. walkeri to the above list).


Isopoda, Crustacea, taxonomy, Aegean Sea, Turkey

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