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The present information is based on the study of the first zoeal stages of Uca urvillei and Uca annulipes. The ovigerous females of Uca urvillei and Uca annulipes were collected from Sandspit on 13 July 2002. Larvae were hatched on 20 July 2002 and 24 July 2002 respectively, at room temperature 30-32 °C, in filtered seawater of a salinity of 35%o-37%o and pH 7.8. The first zoeae of 2 species from the Pakistan coast are described and illustrated, and a comparison is made between these 2 species of Uca obtained from the Pakistan coast and Uca tangeri studied by Paula from the Portuguese coast.


Brachyura, Ocypodidae, comparative study of Uca urvillei and Uca annulipes, Pakistan

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