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This study re-evaluated the brackish and freshwater Prosobranch fauna list of Turkey. Furthermore, recent systematic changes and future studies to be performed were discussed. Theodoxus (Theodoxus) danubialis (C. PFEIFFER 1828), Th. (Th.) subthermalis (ISSEL 1865), Bythinella opaca (FRAUENFELD 1857), Pseudamnicola macrostoma (KÜSTER 1852), P. kotschyi FRAUENFELD 1856 and P. elbursensis STARMÜHLER & EDLAUER 1957 were removed from the list, while the following taxa were added: Viviparus mamillatus (KÜSTER 1852), Bithynia pentheri STURANY 1905, Hydrobia ventrosa (MONTAGU 1803), Hydrobia (Peringia) ulvae (PENNANT 1777), Belgrandiella adsharica (LINDHOLM 1913), Sadleriana byzanthina demirsoyii YILDIRIM and MORKOYUNLU 1997, Sadleriana fluminensis (KÜSTER 1852), Tefennia tefennica SCHÜTT and YILDIRIM 2003, Falsipyrgula schuetti YILDIRIM 1999, Bythinella occasiuncula BOETERS and FALKNER 2001 and Paludinella littorina (DELLE CHIAJE 1825). The number of currently recognised taxa reaches 80.


Prosobranchia, Gastropoda, Turkey

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