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Samples were collected from 7 different stations between January 2002 and December 2002 with a view to identifying the littoral benthic fauna (Oligochaeta and Chironomidae) of Lake Kovada, located in Southern Anatolia. As a result of this study, 35 species were determined, comprising 15 species from Oligochaeta (8 Naidid and 7 Tubificid), and 20 species from Chironomidae (4 Tanypodin, 2 Orthocladiin, 12 Chironomini and 2 Tanytarsin). Species richness varied between 11 and 19. The littoral Oligochaete and Chironomidae fauna of Lake Kovada was dominated by the widely distributed Potamothrix hammoniensis, Tubifex tubifex, Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri and Nais communis (Oligochaeta), and Cryptochironomus defectus and Chironomus (Chironomus) riparus (Chironomidae). Of all the oligochaetes inhabiting the channel between Lake Kovada and Lake Eğirdir (seventh station), Ophidonais serpentina and Stylaria lacustris were the most abundant species, accompanied by Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri and some unidentified Enchytraeidae species. As for chironomids, the most abundant species were Chironomus (Chironomus) riparus.


Oligochaeta, Chironomidae, littoral fauna, Lake Kovada, Turkey

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