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With the aim of identifying the oligochaeta fauna of Topçam Dam-Lake, located on the north-western slopes of the East Menteşe Mountains (Aegean region, Turkey), a number of samples were collected monthly between June 1999 and June 2000. Having no previous faunistic studies, some physico-chemical features and oligochaeta fauna of the dam-lake were determined for the first time in this research. Consequently, 11 species were determined, 9 species from Tubificidae, and 2 species from Naididae. Tubificid Limnodrilus hoffmeisteri was the dominant Oligochaeta species and represented 64.64% of the total Oligochaeta community in the dam-lake. There are almost no data on the Oligochaeta fauna of this region so far. Hence, all the determined taxa from the localities are recorded for the first time.


Oligochaeta, Topçam Dam-Lake, Turkey

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