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We report the results of quantitative and qualitative investigations of the ostracod fauna of the benthos of Madhurantakam Lake in Tamilnadu, India. Five species of ostracod were recorded from the benthic samples, Cyclocypris sp. Cypris sp. C. lacustris, Cypriconcha sp. and Physocypris sp. The highest density of benthic ostracods was 4268 ind. M^{-2}. The top layer (5 cm) showed high ostracod abundance, which indicates the richness of this layer in terms of organic matter and nutrients. The ostracod abundance and diversity were high during the post-summer months of June, July and August 2002. The ostracods dominated the macro-invertebrate fauna in all the sampling areas of the lake.


Ostracod, Lake, Benthos

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