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A total of 105 specimens of the genus Mus collected from Ankara, Bartın, Bolu, Düzce and Zonguldak in Turkey were biometrically evaluated. The isocitrate dehydrogenase enzyme system along with karyotypes of 37 specimens were analysed. The zygomatic index and the index of head plus body length/tail length were diagnostic characters for Mus domesticus and Mus macedonicus. Starch gel electrophoresis gave 2 loci (Idh-1 and Idh-2) for the isocitrate dehydrogenase enzyme system. Two alleles (Idh-1^{100} and Idh-1^{105}) of the Idh-1 locus were determined in M. domesticus and M. macedonicus. M. domesticus and M. macedonicus have the same karyological values 2n = 40, NFa = 38 and NF = 40.


Mus, Isocitrate dehydrogenase, Karyotype, Morphometry, Turkey

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