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Knipowitschia longicaudata is recorded for the first time from Lake Manyas. K. caucasica is known to live in Lake Manyas. Therefore, In order to determine whether the specimens of Knipowitchia collected from Lake Manyas were K. caucasica species or not, they were compared with K. caucasıca from Lake Eğirdir. The comparission of K. caucasica specimens from Lake Eğirdir with the specimens from Lake Manyas showed that those species were 2 distinct species of Knipowitchia. Statistical analyses revealed that our specimens were K. longicaudata. The systematic characteristics of this species were examined and then compared with the data of those reported in previous studies.


Gobiidae, Knipowitschia longicaudata (Kessler, 1877), Lake Manyas (Lake Kuş), Freshwater Fish Fauna

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