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This study was conducted to determine some biological characteristics of Calosoma sycophanta L. under laboratory conditions between 2001 and 2003 in Kahramanmaraş. The adult emergence period of C. sycophanta started at the end of February and extended until the first week of March (from soil). When they emerged, they fed on caterpillars of the pine processionary moth. After 1-1.5 weeks of feeding, adult beetles copulated and deposited their eggs into humid soil. The oviposition period continued for 20-25 days. The first instars hatched from eggs within 6-13 days. The first instars were 7-8 mm in length and dirty whitish–yellow, but turned black within 1-1.5 h. Three larval instars were observed. The beetle became a pupa in June and this stage continued for 9 to 16 days. The biology of the predator was well synchronized with the that of pine processionary moths in the region.


Calosoma sycophanta, predator, biological characteristics, Kahramanmaraş, the pine processionary moth

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