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Reptiles are long-lived, sedentary animals and therefore may be good biomonitors of their local habitat. Experiments were carried out to determine the effects of 2 agro-pesticides, cypermethrin and malathion, on the cholinesterase activity of Calotes versicolor Daudin. Two different concentrations, 0.1% and 1%, were used and cholinesterase activity was estimated in the liver and kidney. This decreased by up to 20% and 35% in the liver and 27% and 54% in the kidney under the effect of cypermethrin. In the case of malathion it decreased by up to 30.27% and 66.97% in the liver and 58.46% and 65.09% in the kidney. On the basis of the present study it is concluded that the pesticide malathion (organophosphate) is the more toxic of the pesticides tested.


Effect, Malathion, Cypermethrin, Cholinesterase, Calotes versicolor

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