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The morphometric measurements of 10 taxonomically important characters, and the coloration features of the 8 subspecies of Mertensiella luschani were investigated and statistical analyses were carried out. The importance of these characters in distinguishing the subspecies is discussed and some of them were found to be very reliable, although some did not show any statistical differences among the subspecies of M. luschani. The mean total body length, and the ratio of the width of the parotid to its length were the most important; the ratio of head length to head and body length, the ratio of head width to head length, the ratio of forelimb length to head and body length, and the ratio of nostril-eye distance to head length were important characters in the recognition of these subspecies. The ratios of tail length to head and body length, hind limb length to head and body length, length of parotid to the length of head and body and tail length to the total body length were not statistically significant in distinguishing subspecies of the Lycian salamander.


Mertensiella luschani, Morphology, Taxonomy, Turkey

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