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The Gastropoda species and its distribution was investigated in Lake Eğirdir. It was determined that 5 species belonging to Gastropoda, order Prosobranchia (Theodoxus heldreichi, Valvata naticina, Graecoanatolica lacustristurca, Falsipyrgula pfeiferi and Bithynia pseudemmericia) and 7 species belonging to the order Pulmonata (Radix peregra, Stagnicola palustris, Physa fontinalis, Physa acuta, Planorbis planorbis, Planorbis carinatus and Gyraulus albus) were present. Gastropoda species from 9 freshwater stations connected with Lake Eğirdir and 10 freshwater stations that not connected obviously with lake were investigated to determine the effect of aquatic systems around the lake to the malacofauna of Lake Eğirdir. In addition trophic level and evolution of lake has been discussed according to ecological tolerances and distribution of species in the habitats' paleogeographic and hydrogeographic features.


Lake Eğirdir, Mollusca

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