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The total length of examined samples of striped sea bream in İskenderun Bay ranged from 9.1 to 27.7 cm. The length-weight relationship constants for males (a = 0.0112, b = 3.042) and females (a = 0.0105, b = 3.069), showed no significant difference from isometric growth (P < 0.05). Von Bertalanffy growth parameters in length were L_{\infinity} = 26.55 cm, K = 0.203 y^{-1} and t_o = -1.81 y for males and L_{\infinity} = 32.64 cm, K = 0.136 y^{-1} and t_o = -2.12 y for females. Sex inversion occurred at lengths between 11.2 and 22.9 cm in age groups I-VI. Males were observed up to a length of 22.8 cm. Total, natural and fishing mortality rates were Z = 1.15 y^{-1}, M = 0.48 y^{-1} and F = 0.67 y^{-1} respectively. The exploitation rate of E = 0.60 indicates that the population is being heavily exploited. Reproductive activity of striped sea bream in İskenderun Bay took place between the second half of April and early August, with the greatest intensity in May. Lengths at first maturity were 13.4 cm for males and 13.9 cm for females.


Striped sea bream, İskenderun Bay, Growth and reproductive characteristics, Mortality, Exploitation rates, Sex inversion (hermaphroditism)

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