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Plecotus auritus and Plecotus austriacus were recorded from 8 and 3 localities in the Asiatic part of Turkey, respectively. It was determined that the length of the first premolar, the shape of the zygomatic arches and baculum distinguish these taxa from each other. Apart from these morphological characteristics, the tibia length of P. austriacus was found to be significantly greater than that of P. austriacus (P < 0.05). The diploid chromosome numbers were identical in both taxa (2n = 32). The number of chromosomal arms (FN = 54) and the number of autosomal chromosomal arms (FNa = 50) were the same as in previously published papers on P. austriacus.


Plecotus auritus, Plecotus austriacus, Karyology, Turkey

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