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The growth features of tench, Tinca tinca, in Bayındır Dam Lake were studied between March 1999 and February 2000. A total of 100 samples (51 males and 49 females) were examined. Age in both sexes ranged from age group I to V. The sex ratio was 1.04 and 1.0 for males and females respectively. The fork length and weight of females and males varied from 15.2 to 33.2 cm and 51.4 to 650.7 g and 15.7 to 34.7 cm and 52.8 to 822.6 g respectively. Age-length and age-weight relationships were obtained using the Von Bertalanffy growth equation. Allometric growth patterns were obtained from the length-weight relationships. The condition factor was 1.57 for females, 1.53 for males and 1.55 for both combined. In addition, the relative annual increases in lenght and weight of T. tinca for males, females and both sexes combined were also determined.


Tinca tinca, Growth Features, Bayındır Dam Lake

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