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This study was carried out to determine the effect of temperature on the development, sexual maturation time, food consumption and body weight of S. gregaria, Forsk., at 25 and 30ºC. The insects were fed on fresh wheat sprouts (FWS) and bran (B). When the temperature was increased, both developmental time and attainment time to sexual maturation were shortened. Total nymphal developmental time at 25 and 30ºC was 32 and 22 days, respectively. Similarly, the average attainment time to sexual maturity was 33 days at 30ºC, whereas it was 52 days at 25ºC. The food consumption of the insects increased at higher temperatures until the end of the first week of adult life and decreased thereafter. From the first nymphal stages to the end of the first week of adult life, each animal consumed 23.82 g FWS and 4.27 g B at 25ºC, and 25.41 g FWS and 4.27 g B at 30ºC. However, from the second week of adult life to sexual maturation, the food consumed by each insect reared at 25ºC was 10.81 g FWS and 1.01 g B, whereas at 30ºC it was 6.97 and 0.84 g, respectively. At the end of experimental period, the final weight of the insects reared at 25 and 30ºC was about the same.


S. gregaria, development, sexual maturation, food consumption, body weight

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