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This study was carried out to investigate the species of the subfamily Tryphoninae (Hymenoptera: Ichneumonidae) in Turkish Thrace between 1992 and 1994. A total of 89 samples were collected from 42 localities and 26 species belonging to 11 genera were determined. Diagnostic keys to the species, subgenera and genera were prepared. In order to distinguish morphological characters that were mentioned in the keys, 31 original figures are given. Of these species, Phytodietus polyzonias (Foerster), Netelia (Prosthodocis) japonicus (Uchida), N. (Bessobates) cristatus (Thomson), N. (Netelia) ocellaris (Thomson), N. (Netelia) rufescens (Tosquinet), Neleges proditor (Gravenhorst), Dyspetes arrogator Heinrich, Ctenochira angulata (Thomson), Exyston sponsorius (Fabricius), and Acrotomus lucidulus (Gravenhorst) are new records for the fauna of Turkey. Moreover, the species N. (N.) silantjewi (Kokoujev), N. (N.) valvator Aubert, Tryphon (Tryphon) atriceps Stephens, Monoblastus luteomarginatus (Gravenhorst), Polyblastus (Labroctonus) alternans Schiodte, and Kristotomus laetus (Gravenhorst) are new records for fauna of Turkish Thrace.


Thrace, Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Tryphoninae, Fauna

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