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Studies on the cephalopods of Turkish coasts have been going on since 1988. As a result of these studies, a total of 43 species have been determined, comprising 11 species from the Sea of Marmara, 38 from the Aegean Sea and 24 from the Mediterranean Sea. With respect to other studies carried out excluding Turkish coasts, the eastern Mediterranean cephalopod fauna has increased to 51 species. Among the species determined, Ancistrocheirus lesueurii and Ancistroteuthis lichtensteini are new records for the eastern Mediterranean; Sepietta obscura, Ancistrocheirus lesueurii, Ancistroteuthis lichtensteini and Tremoctopus violaceus for the Aegean Sea; and Alloteuthis media, Rossia macrosoma and Eledone cirrhosa for the Mediterranean coast of Turkey.

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