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Rumen contents obtained from domesticated goats (Capra hircus L.) slaughtered at abattoirs in the vicinity of Adana were surveyed for holotrichous ciliate protozoans and the genus Epidinium. The presence of two holotrichous ciliate genera including three species (Isotricha prostoma, I. intestinalis and Dasytricha ruminantium) and also of seven formae of Epidinium ecaudatum (E. e. f. ecaudatum, E. e. f. caudatum, E. e. f. bicaudatum, E. e. f. tricaudatum, E. e. f. quadricaudatum, E. e. f. parvicaudatum and E. e. f. cattanei) were established. The mean ciliate density in our surveyed goats, 34.62x10^4 cells/ml, was lower than those of domestic sheep and cattle in Turkey and of other goats previously reported from different localities. All of the ciliates determined were first records from Turkish domestic goats. Moreover, the presence of E. e. f. bicaudatum, E. e. f. tricaudatum, E. e. f. quadricaudatum and E. e. f. parvicaudatum is recorded for the first time from the rumen of goats.


Rumen Ciliates, Capra hircus, Turkey.

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