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This study was performed at Lakes Erikli, Hamam, Mert, Pedina and Saka (İğneda, Kırklareli) in 1999. Materials collected seasonally from the 20 stations were evaluated. The 24 species (Candona neglecta, Fabaeformiscandona fabaeformis, Pseudocandona compressa, Pseudocandona hartwigi, Pseudocandona marchica, Candonopsis kingsleii, Cypria ophtalmica, Physocypria kraepelini, Ilyocypris biplicata, Ilyocypris monstrifica, Cypris bispinosa, Eucypris inflata, Eucypris virens, Psychrodromus olivaceus, Heterocypris incongruens, Heterocypris salina, Cyprinotus inaequivalvis, Cypridopsis vidua, Limnocythere inopinata, Limnocythere stationis, Cyprideis torosa, Callistocythere diffusa, Pontocythere bacescoi and Urocythereis margaritifera) belonging to 18 genera were recorded. Three of them (Pseudocandona hartwigi, Ilyocypris monstrifica and Limnocythere stationis) are new records for the Ostracoda fauna of Turkey.


Inland waters, Ostracoda, Crustacea, Fauna, Taxonomy, Turkey

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