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A total of 572 specimens of bony fish were obtained as a result of bottom trawling at 47 stations by R/V Arar of the University of Istanbul at the south of the Sea of Marmara, in 1992 and 1995. Upon analysis of these specimens, it was revealed that 49 bony fish species, including 5 subspecies, belonging to 30 families were found, and their diagnostic characteristics, the place and the depth where they were caught are given. The presence of Alosa pontica (Eichwald, 1838), known from the Black Sea, was determined in the Sea of Marmara in this study. The majority of fishes in terms of quantity caught by bottom trawling is composed of 9 economically important species and 6 economically unimportant species, and the rest are in the group of species with few individuals.


Bony Fishes, Sea of Marmara, Bottom Trawl, Morphology.

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