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The Anomurans of the Aegean coasts of Turkey were studied between 1987 and 1997, in the region from the Gulf of Saros in the north to Marmaris in south at 17 stations; the 811 specimens obtained were identified as belonging to 28 species. Moreover, all of the early studies were reviewed on the Anomuran fauna of Turkish coasts and it was determined that 3 _species were reported from the Black Sea coasts of Turkey, 20 species from the Sea of Marmara, 27 species from the Aegean coasts of Turkey and 17 species from the Turkish coasts of the Mediterranean Sea. From the 28 species determined during this study, 5 species (Galathea nexa, Galathea cenarroi, Munida tenuimama, Pagurus chevreuxi and Paguristes syrtensis) are new records for the Aegean coasts of Turkey, and 3 species (P. chevreuxi, P. syrtensis, and G. cenarroi) are new records for the Turkish coasts.


Arthropoda, Anomura, Crustacea, Decapoda

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