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The age, growth and reproduction characteristics of 1105 Acanthalburnus microlepis from the Yağan region of the Aras River, Turkey, were determined from monthly samples. Ages ranged from 1 to 7 years. The sex ratio was approximately 1.0 (51.49 % males, 48.51 % females). Females attained greater size and age than males. Von Bertalanffy growth parameters were: L_o= 29.87 cm, K= 0.1049, t_o= -1.92. The length-weight relationships for males and females were found to be W=0.0099L^{3.098} and W=0.0118L^{3.052} respectively. The condition coefficients of males and females were calculated as 1.192 and 1.209 respectively. Both sexes matured at the age of 2 years. Spawning started in early May and continued to the end of July. Fecundity ranged from 2830 to 9705 eggs/female and correlated significantly with fish length, weight, age and gonad weight.


Age, Growth, Reproduction, Acanthalburnus microlepis, Aras River.

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