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The age and growth parameters of red bandfish (Cepola rubescens L.,1766) were determined from the specimens collected in İzmir Bay (Aegean Sea) between January 1996 and February 1997. Mean length at age data from otolith readings were used to estimate the growth parameters of the von Bertalanffy equation: for females, L_{\infity}=78.48 cm, K=0.17 y^{-1}, t_o=0.0972 y, W_{\infity}=110.00 g, K=0.10 y^{-1}, to=0.1033 y and for males L_{\infity}= 83.22 cm, K=0.16 y^{-1}, t_o=0.0888 y ; W_{\infity}=129.83, K=0.0818 y^{-1}, to=-0.4117 y. Length-weight relationships was estimated for males and females to be W=0.07723 L^{1.11217} and W=0.029154 L^{1.38434}, respectively. The observed mean total length and weight were in accord with the theoretical estimated values. Four distinct age groups in the population of males and five age groups in females were identified.


Red bandfish, age, growth, İzmir Bay, Aegean Sea.

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