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A faunal and taxonomic study on the family Buprestidae (Coleoptera) was carried provinces of Artvin (Central, Ardanuç, Borçka, Hopa, Şavşat and Yusufeli), Erzincan (Central, Tercan and Üzümlü), Erzurum (Central, Aşkale, Çat, Horasan, Ilıca, İspir, Narman, Oltu, Olur, Pasinler, Pazaryolu, Şenkaya, Tortum and Uzundere) and Kars (Digor and Sarıkamış) in 1993-1997. A total of 38 species were recorded belonging to 6 subfamilies, namely Sphenopterinae (7 species), Chalcophorinae (8), Chrysobothrinae (3), Agrilinae (17), Cylindromorphinae (2) and Trachyinae (1). Of these taxa, Sphenoptera (s.str.) ixion Kerremans is a new record for the Turkish fauna. Agrilus (s.str.) aurichalceus Redtenbacher, Coraebus elatus (Fabricius), Coraebus rubi (L.) Meliboeus robustus (Küster) and M. violaceus (Kiesenwetter) were widespread species in the region. Agrilus aurichalceus, C. rubi, M. robustus, M. violaceus, Capnodis cariosa (Pallas), C. tenebricosa (Olivier), Sphenoptera (s.str.) antiqua (Illiger) and S. (s.str.) ixion Kerremans were more abundant than the others. The larvae of Meliboeus robustus bore into the pith of Echinops ritro which is an important weed species in wheat field and pasture areas in the region. M. robustus puts this plant under stress to a certain degree. Keys to the tribes, genera and species of the examined subfamilies were prepared as well as the body parts of taxonomic importance being illustrated. Furthermore, the distribution of these species in Turkey and the world was given. Host plants of some species were recorded and plant species from which insect samples collected were also included.


Buprestidae, Faunistic, Taxonomic, Turkey

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