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In this study, growth in the carp population was investigated using samples caught with longline nets of different mesh sizes. Mortality rate and stock analysis were calculated by length frequency data taken from commercial fisheries. The age composition of the samples was from I to VI. The fork lengths were between 10.5 and 49.4 cm, the total weights were found to be between 20.19 and 1922.20 g. and condition factors ranged from 1.298 to 2.388. The total mortality rate (Z) was found to be 1.36±0.10, the natural mortality rate (M) was 0.35 and the fishing mortality rate (F) was 1.01. The mean fish number longer than 28 cm in length in the population and the mean biomass were estimated as 26416 and 17564 kg, respectively. From simulations of the fishing mortality rates for each length group, it was determined that the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) could be obtained with the present effort.


Carp, Growth, Mortality rate, Stock

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