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This study was carried out to identify some aspects of the reproductive cycle of the rabbitfish ( Siganus rivulatus) inhabiting the northeastern Mediterranean. For this reason, monthly sampling was conducted between February 1995 and June 1996, and a total of 473 specimens were used. By using the monthly changes in the values of the gonadosomatic index (GSI) and Condition Factor (K), it was found that their reproduction takes place during July and August. The mean diameter of ripe gonadal eggs was 0.44 mm; and mean fecundity and its standard deviation was found to be 434761±181006. Fecundity-total length, fecundity-total weight and fecundity-age relationships were also estimated using regression analysis as follows: Total Length (cm) F= 0.49 * L 4.61 (r= 0.96) Total Weight (g) F= -57584.67 + 4851.96 * W (r= 0.96) Age (years) F= -1029631.33 + 255261.18 * A (r= 0.64)


Northeastern Mediterranean, Rabbitfish (Siganus rivulatus), Reproduction.

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