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In order to determine the reproduction characteristics of Liza ramada, a fish of economical importance, the GSI, egg diameter, sex maturity, age and sex ratio were examined in 228 specimens caught periodically, between February 1992 and July 1994 in Akgöl-Paradeniz Lagoon. According to the GSI % and egg diameter, the reproduction period of Liza ramada was determinedto be November and December. The lowest GSI % obtained for Liza ramada was 4.99 % in February and the highest values were16.67 % in November and 11.67 % in December. The average egg diameter of Liza ramadaranged from 0.15 to 0.69 mm. It was determined that both the female and male Liza ramada specimens reached sexual maturity at the age of III.


Liza ramada, reproduction, sex maturity age, GSI, Akgöl-Paradeniz Lagoon, Göksu Delta.

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