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Balantidium spp. living in the digestive system of Rana ridibunda in Van were determined. Five species belonging to the genus Balantidiumwere distinguished. Of these, one new species was recognized, described as Balantidium vanensisn. sp. This study reports for the first time the presence of B. helenae, B. claperedei and B. giganteumin the digestive system of R. ridibunda. These species are also new records for the protozoan fauna of Turkey. There was only B. duodeni in the duodenum and B. elongatum in the intestinal part next to the duodenum. The species of the genus Balantidium in the rectum constituted 50.21% of B. helenae, 28.41% of B. claperedei, 9.06% of B. vanensis, 7.16% B. elongatum and 4.98% of B. giganteum. The species determined in the study were compared with the available information in the original descriptions and the previous reports and the similarities and differences were discussed. It was determined that the digestive system microfauna of the genus Balantidium from R. ridibunda in Van is similar to the fauna of Asiatic frogs in terms of diversity.


Rana ridibunda, Turkey, Rectal ciliates, Balantidium, Balantidium vanensis n. sp.

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