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The present study includes the species C. piger Scopoli, from the genus Cleonus, C. kindermanni Faust, from the genus Conorrhynchus, C. excoriatus Schoenherr, from the genus Coniocleonus, L. (Larinodontes) jaceae Fabricius, L. (Larinodontes) planus Fabricius, L. (Larinomesius) minutus Gyllenhall, from the genus Larinus, L. (Lixoglyptus) circumcinctus Boheman, L. (Lixochelus) cardui Olivier, L. (Lixochelus) elongatus Goeze, from the genus Lixus, which are all belong to subfamily Cleoninae. The World and Turkey's distributions and their hosts are given, the male genitalia are illustrated with the figures and described. The male genital characters of these species are discussed on the level of species and other categories.


Taxonomy, Distribution, Central Anatolia, Cleoninae, Curculionidae

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