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In this study, the total fatty acid compositions of the eggs, and the seventh, eighth and ninth nymphal developmental stages and one-day-old adults and thirty-day-old adults of both sexes of the black cricket Melanogryllus desertus reared on stock-culture medium, were analysed separately by gas chromatography. Oleic, linoleic, palmitic and stearic acids constituted the major part of the fatty acid compositions at the examined developmental stages. However, palmitoleic, linolenic, myristic and arachidic acids were found in somewhat small percentages. At the nymphal stages and in the one-day-old adult insects, the total unsaturated fatty acids, composed of palmitoleic and oleic acids, were found to have high mean percentage values. However, the total polyunsaturated fatty acids, composed of linoleic and linolenic acids, were found to have high mean percentage values in thirty-day-old adults.


Melanogryllus desertus, Various Developmental Stages, Total Fatty Acid Compositions

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