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In this study, specimens of Meriones tristrami were assigned to four different age groups according to wear on the teeth. Specimens at an age of 30 days with only their incisors appearing from their alveoli are referred to as newborn. Specimens from 45 days - five months old with their molar teeth and their lateral folds just proceding from the alveolus are referred to as young. Specimens six - sixteen months old with their lateral folds extended from the half of molar crown height, and M^3 and M_3 having reached to the level of M^2 and M_2 are referred to as adult. Specimens older than sixteen months with their lateral folds shorter than the half of molar crown height or almost absent from wear, their cup contours fractured by means of different stages of wearing, are referred to as old. Additionally, it was shown that molar teeth as well as incisors had grown throughout life according to the findings of projecting and wearning stages of lateral folds.


Meriones tristrami, tooth development, age determination

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