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Rumen contents obtained from 27 adult domesticated cattle (Bos taurus L.) were surveyed for the ciliate formae belonging to Entodinium longinucleatum. All the protozoa identified as belonging to the species were distinguished as E. longinucleatum forma longinucleatum with a frequency appearance of 96.30% (in 26 animals examined). The ciliate numbers of the forma range from 1,184 to 98,826 per milliliter of rumen contents, with a mean of 31,779. Partial and considerable variations were determined in both various morphometrical characteristics and morphology of macronucleus in both within the same host and between the host animals. Moreover, it was pointed out that the assignment of species based on only morphometrical characteristics do not appear to be appropriate taxonomically.


Entodinium longinucleatum f. longinucleatum, Entodiniidae, Entodiniomorphida, Bos taurus, occurrence, variations

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