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Studies were carried out to establish the family of Pentatomidae within 50 localities in Edirne and its provinces during the seasons of spring, summer and autumn of 1992-1994. Thus, 7 species, 6 genus of Podopinae; 2 species, 2 genus of Asopinae; 25 species, 16 genus of Pentatominae and as a total of 34 species, 24 genus, 3 subfamilies, belong to the family of Pentatomidae were determined. Moreover, with regard to the locality numbers, Sciocoris (Aposciocoris) luteolus, Aelia virgata, Arma custos, Mustha spinosula and Neottiglossa bifida have also been accepted to have rare distribution. Whereas, Dolycoris baccarum, Carpocoris mediterraneus, C. purpureipennis, Eurydema ornatum, Ancyrosoma leucogrammes, Codophila varia and Aelia acuminata have been determined to be commonly distributed species. According to their nutritional regimes (except for the subfamily Asopinae), all species are phytophagous and feed on the species of Leguminosae, Compositae, Graminae, Umbelliferae, Cruciferae and Labiatae. However, while the species of Podopinae prefer the species of Umbelliferae; Eurydema and polyphagous species of Carpocoris choose the species of Cruciferae and Compositae respectively. Moreover Graminae species for genus Aelia and Leguminosae species for Eysarcoris inconspicuus and Piezodorus lituratus are the best chocies for nutrition. On the other hand, species of subfamily Asopinae, Arma custos and Zicrona coerulea both of which are predator, have not been observed during predation. The established species have long duration of an active period, from may to october. In this sense, distribution of species are highly different.


Heteroptera, Pentatomidae, taxonomy, fauna, Edirne

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