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This study was carried out with the aim to investigate of histological structure of duodenum and histochemical character of duodenal mucous on Akkaraman sheep foetus by during intrauterin development. In the study, the number 40 duodenum belonging to the Akkaraman sheep foetus was used as a material. More concentrate neutral mucosubstans and glycogen containing of Lamina epithelialis was determined that it is multilayer structure showing on early development stages not to be found of villi. The later development stages, neutral and asidic mucosubstans containing of goblet cells on Lamina epithelialis was detected that it is convertible to monolayer prizmatic form. For the first time also mucous glands establishing on the two monthly foetus has been determined which it was showed histochemical features similar with goblet cells. The seconder lumen forming was not seen that it is from multilayer appearance epithel to monolayer prizmatic epithel by during convertible.


Sheep, Prenatal stage, Duodenum, Histology, Histochemistry

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