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The age composition of 415 specimens of Dicentrarchus labrax caught from Akgöl-Paradeniz Lagoon, between February 1992 and July 1994, ranged between 0.-X. age groups.. The II.nd ages group of D. labrax is dominant in all individuals with a rate of 32.05 %. Average fork lenght according to ages group of D.labrax is ranged between 177,14 mm. and 700,0 mm. Average weight value according to ages group of D.labrax is varied between 63.35 and 3475 g..The value of condition factor for all indivuduals is determined for 2nd ages as 2.31 maximum and for 2nd age as 0.60 minimum. The annual and proportional increments of lenght and weight of all, male and female individuals of Dicentrarchus labrax were determined.


Dicentrarchus labrax, Growth, Growth Rates, Condition Factor, Akgöl- Paradeniz Lagoon, Göksu Delta

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