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In this study, the periodic changes in density and population structure, the generation number, reproduction characteristic and reproduction period of Artemia salina (L., 1758) living in Tuz Lake in 1995 have been investigated. Some physical parameters of lake water at the certain stations have been determined. It has been observed that A. salina is distributed near the coastline of 10 kilometers between the stations Devekonağı and Çalören in the east side of Tuz Lake. Its reproduction period was between April-July and A. salina population consisted two generation in 1995. It has been detected that A. salina population in Tuz Lake consist only female individuals and reproduces oviparity as a parthenogenetic. But it is noticed that a small part of the individuals caught in June was reproduced ovoviviparity in 1995.


Tuz Lake, Artemia salina, abundance, population structure

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