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The present study has been carried out in order to determine the Patella species distributed in Saros Bay located on the northest of the Aegean Sea. For this purpose, 3 stations in the north and 3 stations in the south of the bay were chosen and a total of 340 specimens were collected from the 6 stations. In each station, 2 m2 of sampling area was considered. As a result of the taxonomic examinations based on the radula teeth, the Patella genera was represented by three species (Patella caerulea, Patella ulyssiponensis and Patella rustica) in Saros Bay. It was determined that P. caerulea was found in the mediolittoral and upperinfralittoral zones, whereas P. rustica was distributed on the supralittoral zone and P. ulyssiponensis was only collected from the upperinfralittoral zone. Morphometric measurements were done in order to compute the regression equation and correlation coefficient between the shell lenght and the radula teeth.


Archaeogastropoda, Patella, systematic, ecology, Saros Bay

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