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In April, July and December I994, grass tussocks were collected from a delta located between cereal fıelds, and spiders were investigated. A total of 2257 spiders, 1314 insects, and 693 other invertebrates were extracted from 45 tussocks belong to Juncus inflexus, Agrostis stolonifera, Puccinella distans and Alopecurus arundinaceus. Among the spiders most encountered families were wolf spiders (Lycosidae, % 52.6) and money spiders (Linyphiidae, % 22.5). Juncus inflexus tussocks sheltered most spiders individually. In this study, a total of 29 species were established in 33 genera and 15 families. Of these taxa four genera (Trichopterna Kulczynski, Meioneta Hull, Neon Simon, Euophrys C.L.Koch) and eight species (Pirata hygrophilus (Thorell), Arctosa leopardus (Sundevall), Archtosa cinera (Fabricius), Trichopterna cito (O.P.-Cambridge), Meioneta innobatilis (Menge), Zelotes latreillei (Simon), Tibellus oblongus (Walckenaer), Pachygnatha listeri Sundevall) are new records for Turkey.


Grass tussock, Spider, Araneae, Van

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