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Inhibitory effect of bendiocarb on serum and whole blood cholinesterase activities of rats was investigated in laboratory conditions, bendiocarb a carbamate insecticide, was applied dermally to the rats. The concentrations of insecticide (80% WP) were choosen in accordance with the spray dosages used for mosquito control and the LD_{50} dermal dosages for rats. In vitro inhibition of serum cholinesterase activity was determined by using technical bendiocarb in the same dermal dosages. Both in vitro and in vivo dermal studies showed that there is a negative correlation between bendiocarb (80% WP) concentrations and enzyme activities. Application of one dose of bendiocarb did not also have a signifıcant inhibition on enzyme activity but a cumulative effect on the following days. On the contrary, in vltro studies showed that the inhibitory effect of technical bendiocarb in the same concentrations was found to be in very high levels.


Bendiocarb, Dermal, Cholinesterase, Rat, Mosquito control

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