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A total of 506 Leuciscus cephalus were caught in the Çıldır Lake-Ardahan from May to December 1991. The age composition of L.cephalus specimens were between II-VI years and III years olds dominated with a rate of 67.26%. In the stock the percentages were calculated as 73.00% for males and 27.00% for females. According to age groups II-VI, to average forklengths were 140.72 mm; 179.39 mm; 253.03 mm; 322.85 mm and 354.00 mm; average weights were 47.49g; 83.68g; 234.18g; 498.69 g and 596.25 g Determined minimum and maximum forklengths were 112 and 390 mm; weights were 30 and 720 g


Leuciscus cephalus, growth, Çıldır Lake-Turkey

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