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In this research, sex and age compositions, age-length, age-weight, length-weight relations, condition factors were investigated on 674 chub (Leuciscus cephalus L., 1758) specimens caught from Lake Tödürge, Sivas between April and November 1994. The age composition of L. cephalus specimens were between I-VII years and sex percentages were calculated as 68.25 % for females and 31.75 % for males. Determined minimum and maximum forklength values were 53 and 299 mm; weights were 1.5 and 347.1 g. Von Bertalanffy equations of L. cephalus specimens as length-growth and weight-growth were established as L_t = 474.19 [1-e^{-0.10608(t+0.3805)}] for females; L_t = 545.26 [1-e ^{-0.07919(t+0.7563)}] for males and W_t=1565.39[1-e^{-0.10608(t+0.3805)}]^{3.0964} for females and W_t = 2287.67[1-e^{-0.07919(t+0.7563)}]^{3.0376} for males. Length-weight relationship were found for female and male specimens as W= 0.0101 L3.0964 and W= 0.0121 L^{3.0376}, respectively. Average condition factor values were estimated as 0.81 for females and as 1.07 for males. According to findings; sexual maturity age of female and male L. cephalus specimens were III-IV and II-III, respectively.


Chub, Leuciscus cephalus, growth, Lake Tödürge

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