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The classic approach for habitat preference of big games is to compare dung density in two different site such as in two habitat types and aspects, or in two altitute or slope classes. Whereas, animals select habitats according to all habitat components. Therefore, it must be considered multivariate structure of habitat and importance of each variable of the combination of components. In this study, interaction among habitat components and effects of components more than one were investigated in a conservation area. A computer programme (SR.BAS) was prepared to identify the important components of habitat of herbivore mammals in the area. The dimensions of the data matrix of the programme can be changed by users. The number of plot is equal to row numbers and the variable numbers such as animal species, habitat type, altitute, slope, aspect, feeding cover, distance to open roads and water source etc. is equal to column numbers of the data matrix.


Dung Counts, Red deer, Hare, Wild boar, Habitat selection, Component combination, Computer programme

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