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A total of 278 Capoeta capoeta capoeta were caught in the Çıldır Lake-Ardahan from May to December 1991. The age composition of C.c.capoeta specimens were between I-IX years and VI years old dominated with a rate of 31.54%. In the population, the percentages were calculated as 38.95% for males and 61.65% for females. According to age groups I-IX, to average fork lengths were 1622.00mm; 225.17mm; 263.88mm; 301.91mm; 322.11mm; 350.83mm; 381.30mm; 408. 14mm and 426.00 mm; average weights were 167.00g; 173.83g; 355.75g; 428.76g; 497.02g; 610.68g; 746.04g; 917.09g and 1090.00 g respectively. Determined minimum and maximum fork lengths were 163 and 435 mm; weights were 136 and 1,230 g.

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