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The present study was undertaken to determine the fauna of Geometridae in Turkish Thrace. Samples were collected from 81 different localities between 19911993. Results show that Geometridae is represented with a total of 115 species belonging to 67 genus of 5 subfamilies as follows : Archiearinae; 1 genus and 1 species, Geometrinae; 4 genus and 4 species, Scopulinae; 7 genus and 41 species, Larentiinae; 22 genus and 31 species, Ennominae; 33 genus and 38 species. On the one hand, of these, 49 species are new records for Turkish Thrace, on the other, within these species, 17 are new records for Turkey. Consequently, total number of species of Geometridae in Turkey and Turkish Thrace has reached to 517 and 171 respectively.


Turkey, Thrace, Lepidoptera, Geometridae, Taxonomi, Fauna

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