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The morphology of the parts of the venom apparatus and the histology of venom glands of the idiobiont solitary pupal endoparasitoid Pimpla turionellae(L.) were examined under microscope. There are two valvula 1, one valvula 2, two valvula 3, two valvifer 1, two valvifer 2, a Dufour's gland and a venom gland in the venom apparatus of P. turionellae. These structures were described and their characteristics were determined. Several venom gland tubules are attached to the reservoir at the top of the venom gland of P. turionellae. These tubules consist of spherical and oval cells of various sizes arranged around the lumen. The venom is poured into reservoir through the lumen. The reservoir part of the venom gland is quite wide and possesses a thin wall which consists of an irregular muscle layer, chitin and ectodermal cells that form chitin. More gland cells are present in the region of the venom gland opening into the tubules. The duct of the venom gland does not possess a muscle layer, and it is in the form of a canal supported by chitinous layers.


Parasitoid, Pimpla turionellae, Venom gland, Morphology, Histology.

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