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A total of 179 (97 males, 82 females) Triturus vulgaris specimens collected during the breeding season from Western Anatolia (Efes, Ayvacık, Lapseki, Karacabey, Gemlik) and European Turkey (Bolayır) was examined. The morphological and the statistical evaluations showed that the Western Anatolian (except Efes) and the Thrace populations are similar. The West Anatolian populations, therefore, should be included in the nominate subspecies, T.v. vulgaris. The Efes specimens were found to be different from specimens of Ayvacik, Lapseki and Gemlik especially in terms of body measurements. The explanation of the taxonomic status of the Efes population will be possible with the material which will be collected from the northern and southern regions of Bozdag.

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