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This report describes the determination of the toxicity of two pesticides, neem formulation (RB-a+PBO+Tx-100) and fenpropathrin, on Alphitobius diaperinus adults. The mortalities caused by the two compounds were found to be 70% for a 117.8\mug/cm 2 dose of neem formulation, and 88% for a 1.96 \mug/cm 2 dose of synthetic pyrethroid, fenpropathrin (Danitol). The LD 50 value of Danitol was found to be 0.2749 \mug/cm 2 , and that of neem formulation was found to be 58.92 \mug/cm 2 . Danitol-treated Alphitobius diaperinus adults showed inhibitions of 44.66% and 45.91% in GPT and GOT activity, respectively, Whereas insects treated with neem formulation showed inhibitions of 52.48% and 12.15% in GPT and GOT activity, respectively.


Toxicity, Pyrethroid, Azadirachta indica, Transaminases, Alphitobius.

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