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In this study, ecology and biology of Microtus guentheriwere investigated based on both field and laboratory observations along with its effects on agricultural crops. It was determined that this vole has a shallow burrow with numerous entrances and does not store food in its burrow. In captivity, M. guentherigave litters from September to June and a female produced 42 pups, being seven litters during a reproduction season. The duration of pregnancy varied 20 to 21 days. The average litter size was 5.5 and young were born in an average weight of 3.3 g. The fur developed at an age of 10 days, the eyes and the ears opened on 12 - 16 days. The young began to feed freely on 15 days. Weaning took place at an age of 21 - 24 days. It was determined that, if outbreaks of this vole occurs and holes are abundantly seen in the edge of fields, control measures should be taken by deep ploughing of the field edges and using snap trap to avoid its likely harmful effects.


Microtus guentheri, ecology, biology, Turkey

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