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Bülent ÜNVER




In this study, the reproductive properties of the chub population ( Leuciscus cephalusL., 1758) in lake Tödürge, Zara/Sivas, were investigated. A total of 674 specimens were caught between April and November 1994. The age and sex distributions and the age of sexual maturity were determined. The reproduction period of the population was determined. Fecundity was determined and the relationships between the fecundity and body weight, length and age were investigated. The age composition of specimens of the population consisting of 68.25% female and 31.75% male, was found to be between I and VII. Males reached maturity in their second or third year of life, whereas females matured in their third or fourth year of life. The reproduction period of the chub population in lake Tödürge was determined to be between May and July. The mean diameter of eggs and fecundity were found as 0.65 mm and 14.500, respectively.


Chub, Leuciscus cephalus, Reproduction, Lake Tödürge

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